WAP - We Are Peers

WAP-turns a concept into brand new experience

WAP aims at peers’ education and peers’ learning. Before, it was just a concept to me. No understanding and no experience. WAP organized two sessions to help the peers know each other, find the strength and special value of each member, develop the interesting point and spread the fresh knowledge.

Ideas are much more valuable and worthy to share with others than I have ever thought

Sometimes, one word, one sentence, one story of your peer will inspire you and lead you to a new world.
For example, during these two sessions, a co-leader has introduced a latest and developing concept—B corporation (B Corp). As she told us, B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It means that a company makes profit and undertakes the responsibilities for social or environment by using power of the business. With work experience was in a B corporation company, she is quite familiar with this type company and shares some of her own experience with us in order to make the concept clearer and more realistic.

Compared to session one, session two is more active and brings more thoughts. During session one, everyone has their curious but more anxiety and uncertain. Although we have ice-breaking game, it’s still hard to go straight into one’s inner heart without time and communication. Besides, when asked to interact according to the WAP’s style, it was a little bit confused and afraid to share or move on.

We never work something in this creative and unique way.

It takes time to get familiar how it works. In session two, it is much more about sharing the selected outstanding and interesting idea related to the business or career. We have chance to know new words, to know what other peers do in this world from different cultures.

To conclude, after attending WAP, it does inspire me from peers’ pitch. I would do a research and attach more importance to B corp. Other pitches like equity education and negotiation skills are also special and worth to consider.

I believe everyone could find their most interested topic and discover it from now.

WAP is a mixed culture with variable knowledge, all you need to do is to absorb the knowledge that hit you deeply, of course, bring with your own valuable idea.

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