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Facilitator's voice: participants always bring you some suprise

WAP has been running as a peer learning program at emlyon for more than 2 years. From the very beginning of the program, we have been training former participants who loved learning from peers to facilitate their own WAP experience.

Last month, a WAP program was led by 2 of our new participants: Jenifer and Yanling.

We asked Yanling to share her experience as a WAP facilitator.

Why do you choose to become a facilitator?

The reason why I want to become a facilitator is simple. I just like wap sessions. I want to know more people and listen their stories. Guiding the participants to discover themselves and deepen their topics is really a meaningful task. It also helped me to practice my own ability of organizing events and solving problems.

What happened during your program?

In the second session, two topics are really huge and profound. Participants got into hot debate. They talked about education in India and sexual harassement in workplace. We, the facilitators, even become the participants to discuss with them. Because everybody needs to think about these kinds of things and come up with some ideas to change the current situation. Every participant learned a lot and me, of course, is not an exception. It is pity that we cannot have enough time to continue our topic, cause everyone was eager to express their own opinions.

How was the overall experience?

As a facilitator, you join the wap session in another perspective. As an outsider of each session , you can see these topics better. They will definitely give you some inspiration and make you have a deep reflection. Participants from different background always bring you some surprise and help you to open the door to a new world.

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