WAP - We Are Peers

adopt a motivated, passionated, contributive attitude

Organised at Emlyon Business School the 13th January 2017.

For most students, the WAP project represents a New kind of learning. Indeed, this project consists in sharing ideas between students to improve our personal knowledge.

For that kind initiative, we have to adopt a specific attitude which includes motivation, passion, sharing responsability.

At the beggining of the presentation, a young lady called Julie who was sat with us explained that she participated to the project last year. She led a session in which she tried to show why being gentle could be a good asset. she gave her personal example.

Then, when the participants understood the principles of the projects, we started to find several interesting topics in a funny way. In order to find these topics, we were brought in differents activities. The first one consisted in choosing another person of the programm and discuss with this person. We had a list of questions about our personality, ambitions and capabilities. For example, in the section «love to learn» we could find: 3 projects, thing, people you like in the world? Learning experiences that you enjoyed? or in the section "happy to offer": Any online creations? What your friends usually say about you?

Then, for the next activity, we had to start finding concrete ideas to make the project. We had to stand around a table. We had to imagine what we wanted to learn.
Work around table

Right after, we drew another flower but this time, we had to write what we can share/teach to other people. Some ideas came easily as: "determination"/ "creativity"/"team spirit"/"multicultural experience."
At the end, we had 2 big flowers with a lot of ideas written on each flower. We decided to choose the ideas we really want to keep in order to learn or share them. So we all chose a topic and wrote it on another sheet of paper. As we were 10 for the activity, we had 10 topics chosen at the end.

This exercice lead us to write the agenda of learning together. We could choose several topics we want to join. A relevant example would be for example: How to get the spirit of a champion?


Article written by Nicolas Constantino