WAP - We Are Peers

This method makes all the participants feel safe to share and ask questions

I really enjoy the second session we participated in.
We divided into four groups and each group had a lead and a topic that everyone was interested in. In the pre-session, we shared ideas with other participants to build the session. We worked together to organized activities about this topic and finally to introduce this topic to other groups. In the second session, we shared group by group. I do feel the attraction of sharing.

At first, I saw most of the participants were from the same country. I felt a little upset, because I prefer to hear more about other cultures.

After all participants shared, I realized that everyone had brilliant thoughts and different experiences.

When we meet someone, we are feel a little awkward and wouldn’t share our experience and thoughts in deep. So the real and efficient communication will not happen. This is a shame, I mean we all have something to share and we can influence others in some way. But we don’t have a good way to share. So I do love the idea of blue, red, yellow cards we used during the waps sessions.

When I used a yellow card, I raise a question but it’s not a challenge to the speaker.

This method make all the participants feel comfortable and feel safe to share and ask a question.

I had a enjoyable time during these two session. This inspires me to do a thematic wap. I feel that there is something around us that deserves to be shared. I’ll contact my English teacher Alger Barbara and introduce the WAPs to her and invite her to do a WAP share. And the I’ll always keep in mind the conception about sharing.

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