WAP - We Are Peers

To share knowledge in a much more casual and creative environment

When I first step in the WAP Pre-session, I was a little nervous yet excited. To my surprised, I was chosen to be one of the four facilitators to held the next session.

With other two helpers, we meet on the weekend to plan our WAP session. After a consideration of my resources and the interestingness of the topics between Event Planning and Utilization of School Resources, we decided to hold an Event Planning session for the participants.

Personally, I learned the best with interactive learning. As a result, I wanted the session to be very interactive and engaging in order let my participants to learn while having fun.

We ended up choosing to make them play a negotiation simulation game to get an experience in the final step of event planning.

During our session, we separated the group into three – Budgeting, Event Supplies, and Marketing. Then we gave each group exclusive information and priorities to negotiate with each other. After a short time of discussion within each group, we gathered them together to hold a simulative meeting.

The participants all got very engaged in the game, and each played their roles very well. Even though they didn’t reach a conclusion at the end, but the purpose of giving them the first cooperative negotiation had been achieved. The feedbacks were positive, and they were also very kind to give me several advices about the simulation. For example, the conditions I gave them might not be very clear at some place, or the constrains has too much possibilities, etc.

I really liked our session even though there are still much to improve. Furthermore, I really appreciate that each participant played the simulation game actively. From this experience, I felt that I was learning with them while holding the session because I get to observe their behavior, which are all their natural reactions while facing different situation during the simulation. I also learned how to better improve my simulation games, and nevertheless how to hold a peer learning session.

Inspired by this experience, I decided to take the opportunity to hold another WAP session. But this time, with a goal to improve my workshop skills,

I partnered with another leader to plan the session, which we decided to invite our professors from EM-Lyon, who has the passion and motivation to share knowledge in a much more casual and creative environment.


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