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WAP Top Of Hills

Organised by Anne-Elise & Diane Lenne the 8th to the 12th August 2014, it was about "Tree Tops".

When I was young I use to dream about gathering all my friends with their unique talents to build world-changing projects together.

In parallel, my sister and I had the chance to spend my holiday in a little village in a chalet, knowing all the smallest details of the region; we wanted to open the doors to those who never had the occasion to go and to propose to people a new experience. For us, it was about letting everyone write a part of the program, which would be about expressing all parts of the human: physical, mental, spiritual and creative side.

On June 2014, we published the following post: "We invite 12 youths to meet this summer for 4 days to share their passions (sport, poesy, anthropology, tales, music, cultures, languages, cooking, technology ...) contemplate nature at the top of the hills, and live each instants fully as though it were the last.”

Here were our very first principles:

Principles On Top of Hills

This week-end would be auto-organized by all of us, so, each participants is invited to prepare a session he would lead.

We didn’t even expect people to come to such a remoted area, but 15 persons did. We had one of the most energized circle learning experiences i have ever experienced.

Here are the various sessions we lived:

  • The nomad lifestyle
  • Biomimetism in urbanism
  • How to Liberate classrooms?
  • Economic Intelligence about the weapon industry in France
  • Organic and Local Cooking
  • Geology/Gemology of stones and diamonds
  • Hiking and Swimming in Lakes
  • Automatic painting while music listening
  • Gratefullness circle under the moon
  • Jam session and music composition

Hill WAP Group

After this event, a powerful community of people who want to write their own story is born.

Some participants have been so motivated and energized from this moment that they decided to organize an other event at the middle of France in a place called La Louisière.

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