WAP - We Are Peers

From Normandie to San Francisco

"This is an insightful experience. Diane found very interesting participants and did a great job enabling them to share themselves with the group. It's clear she cares deeply about touching people's lives and it is impossible to leave the event without expanding your horizons." Jazear Brooks, San Francisco, 27th June 2015

“C'est méditer, découvrir un pan de l'histoire, m'autobiographer, lancer le dé, pacifier, voyager en stop ou en bicyclette, lifemapper, explorer, découvrir, cuisiner, passionner, remercier, YOLOer... Adopter WAP, c'est :

  • gagner instantanément 3 points sur sa courbe de bonheur
  • découvrir 2 nouvelles passions
  • rencontrer 14 personnes incroyablement inspirantes". Lucas Servant, Normandie, 14 Mars 2015

“Un ami m'a dit une fois qu'il lui manquait des amis comme les miens pour que sa vie soit parfaite. Ces amis, je les ai rencontré à WAP. En me parlant de leur rêves, de ce qu'ils avaient fait, ils m'ont aidé a cerner là ou serait ma voie.” Bertrand Ribet, Paris, December 2014

"This week-end was for me a really good experience. As an entrepreneur, the most important was that I met really interesting and motivated people. Everyone had a project, idea about how to change the world and that gave me an extraordinary amount of energy” Alexandre MORIN, Normandie, 15 Mars 2015

"It's a good metaphora of the world: you discover the exceptional inside individuals. I have really connected with people, and have done so so far with others. It is also a reconnection to our true being, the personal legend we want to write and that we tend to forget in our daily lifes. It is about learning to Be. It is the feeling to be at the right time, place and people" Florence MAZEAU, La Louisière, 25th November 2014

"Un moment déroutant, hors du temps, déconnecté,formidable pour se ressourcer et découvrir concepts, idées, pratiques et surtout personnes à portée de main. Un vrai moment d’évasion … Join the experience!" Agathe Pommery, La Louisière, 24th November 2014

"For me its a new education system that we must develop. The National Education is based on a top down system. Thanks to this initiative, we have a bottom up learning process. If we want to change our world, we need to change us. I think WAP can help us become together the actors of our life and build a future based on our hopes: happiness, environment, health, nature, sport, good food … " Gauthier DELCLOY, Switzerland, 24th August 2014