WAP - We Are Peers

WAP redesigning human connections at Shenzhen MakerSpace

Organised at WEYOUNG MakerSpace in Shenzhen (China) the 14th August 2014, it was about "Redesign Human Connections".

WAP enables people to interact with each others in another context by sharing their interests, knowledge and skills in a 100% participative and new way.

On Sunday, engineers, architects and social entrepreneurs are brought together in a space called WEYOUNG MakerSpace. Each participant leads a 15 min session related to the subject of redesigning human connections. Today, we will interact about matching interests through mapping, redesigning skyscrapers, working in labs, and sharing impactful and positive information to impact our network.

The small format (limited to 10 participants) enables everyone to react and bring new ideas to the subject. To go further into the subjects, participants will book meetings with the session leader or extend the discussion online, on the private group, with everyone.

Keya – Topic Mapping/Matching for showing what drives you

Resumes are full of projects that don’t represent us. But we can change that.

We can orientate the focus on what is important for us. For example, Keya met a girl who has a sticker about NASA on her laptop, not because she works there but because she loves everything related to NASA. People see it and talk with her about it, so she can share her passion with everyone.

“We are far more than what we have done and our titles. We are all the projects we love, we find beautiful, meaningful, valuable and powerful. We are who we want to be. We are a movement toward the future!”

Topic Mapping can help us visualizing our life, showing ourselves to strangers and starting meaningful conversation & communities.

For some participants, mind mapping is very new. “How will it help me in my business?”
We start a conversation about visualizing information in a more intuitive way, memorizing and learning faster using mind maps.

You may use coggle.it to create your own.

Keya’s public topic mapping alt

Ludovic - Enjoying life in say "a geeky environment"

Ludovic is an engineering researcher and early entrepreneur. He expressed his concerns about the current form of academic papers, which are boring and repulsive. Answering Keya’s session, he offers to use mind-mapping for resuming academic papers in a fun and interesting way.

Ludovic has lived in more than 5 places (England, France, China, Taiwan), designing his own way of working. He highlights the links between productivity, flexibility and well-being at the workplace. He found that productivity is higher when we enjoy what we do and when we alternate our interactivity with other team members. He feels he can control his productivity by controlling his workplace. We need managers to be flexible with their team choice.

7 Senses Labs' Solbit

Furthermore, Ludovic has notably been researching the benefits (and potentially unwanted effects) of mini humanoid robot assistants in certain workplaces such as some offices and labs. To this aim, he is also contributing to a project making such smart and connected robot for aiding children with homework and much more. https://angel.co/7-senses-labs

Carlos – The Social Scraper

Carlos is an experienced architect, who turned into an “archipreneur”. According to him, architecture has not experienced major improvements, compared to others industries. We are still “building blocks on top of each others” and creating rectangular structures. The market doesn’t need the architects theoretical skills learnt at university.

As a resident in China for six years, he explained how the overuse of air-conditioning is keeping people inside as well as adding up to overall air issues. Walls deprived people from natural light and depress people. This needs to change. We can create healthy buildings at the heart of the city, using a radically different design, materials and engineering.

Carlos Social Scrapper

Carlos’ Social Scrappers made of bamboo structures.

His topic is about his architecture project “The Social Scraper”, an award winning architecture project he designed after participating to a competition. He decided to keep pitching the project anywhere he could and received a lot of attention from the media.

The Social scrapers are a whole of bamboo scrapers related to each other’s with large platforms at different levels. Platforms aim to recreate street life at higher levels of the city. This visionary project revolutionizes not only the structures, materials and lights of a city, but also the relationship between urban life and nature.

“What about the sustainability of the bamboo structures over time?” we asked. We need to create a research project about it! And for that, we need money. The hardest part is not the design, it is the founding. In the conversation, Ludovic, the engineer suggests a different kind of plastic, called nano-plastic, that is capable of creating energy, rather than heating. https://www.ted.com/speakers/justinhalltipping

Diane – Impact Journalism – Change your focus, change yourself

Diane’s topic relates to other in many ways. Its starts with her contribution to a new global operation where 50 newspapers share stories of hope, change positive innovation. Together, they publish solutions to the problems in energy, healthcare, water, and urbanism.

This subject is special for her, she has been reporting for WOW! Projects for 6 months and this experience literally changed her mind forever. In her exploration, she met Bassam and Rami, two dads who lost their daughters in the israelo-palestanian conflicts. Instead of keeping fighting, they set a journey to humanize every enemy and prevent the vicious cycle. They created the Family circle for joining together both sides of families’ victims of the conflicts. She thinks orientating your focus on the positive side is one of the most valuable things to learn in life.

She explains that negativity has become a habit in many cultures, entertaining, cool and pleasant, whereas positivity is something you have to fight for and seek for.

Why is this so important? Focusing in solution brings change. As a result, projects reported on the IJD have seen an increase of 40% in donations and investments and 60% growth of audience in the social media.

Impact Journalist Day

So Orientation seems like defining reality in a larger part. Ludovic says that its is also true in the area of psychology, where subconscious guides personal actions.

In the same way, Diane’s believes we can help people change themselves, by focusing on who they want to be and giving them a space to grow on this direction. She says she doesn’t care about how much talents and brains you have now, but rather how much you want to learn.

By bringing people from various horizons connect and learn from each others, we can help people break their fixed and common beliefs. We can overcome self-limitation as well as social pressure.

Thank you everyone!

Explications de Carlos

Article written by Diane Lenne & Ludovic Krudel on 16/08/2016 in Shenzhen