WAP - We Are Peers

WAP sessions

WAP are knowledge sharing sessions led by one or more participants within small groups. Each transmission last less than 30 min and is structured in 3 steps: sharing personal knowledge, then group interactions or practical activities, and finally one or multiple call to actions.

WAP gives you an impulse to share :

Content that inspires or interests you

Know-how and Lessons learnt from past

Method, technic, topic that you master

We are an open community within organisations. We awaken the desire for authentic learning experiences. We make sure all WAP sessions meet these criterias :

Valuable : Share knowledge useful to others

Participation : No watchers, all contributors

Authenticity : No fake, be true and caring

More than 2000 participants have been brought to share their knowledge within campus, coworking spaces, offices, cities in more than 10 cities.

WAP sessions happened in more than 200 groups, such as :

GRDF ; BoostInLyon ; La Paillasse ; Sanofi ; Aldes ; 4ème Cours ; Carron ; Roche ; Ville de Juvisy ; EMLYON Business School ; Astuce Lycéen ; Maker's Lab ; Learning Night ; Learninov BPI ; Player ; La Myne ; Schoolab ; Open Bron Lab ; WeYoung Makerspace Shenzhen ; LPK Global Brand Design Agency ; Huan Qiang Bei ; Prometheus ; Someet ; Loreal ; Pitch to Kids ; Noise ; Institut de l'Engagement ; Ignition Program ; La Myne 2015 ; EMLYON 1st Course ; Open Content Labs ; Laborazone ; Bueno Vista Park ; WARN (We Are Ready Now) ; Cerene Center ; Gueroulde ; La Gasselinais ; Freespace ...

Applications of the program are multiples : professional training, community building, knowledge transfer, open space management, team creativity, and more.


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