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diversity of topics makes learning enjoyable

On the picture, Sandeep Chowdary KANNIKANTI is leading his session about "Information abundance and how education can be a solution" at the WAP forum on 25th march 2017 in the cafeteria, at EMLYON Business School.

  • Why this topic?

My personal drive has always been reforming primary (k-12) education. I chose to link this topic to information abundance to demonstrate one of the current trending issues and in the end show how education can be an important part of the solution. I started talking about how internet revolutionized the information available to people across the globe and how it transformed from factual news into more opinion based news/blogs which ultimately contributed towards consequences of fake news and click baits. In the end, I discussed why it is essential today to transform primary education to be able to positively utilize the potential of this information abundance.
All participants in our group are very active during the whole session and contributed their valuable opinions in the end. Few mentioned the topic can go little longer in order to provide better and whole picture and others appreciated the use of time perspective to demonstrate how internet enabled overflow of information.

  • What have you liked the most?

    WAP allows people to be creative and develop their own way of sharing and make sure it remains interactive.

The whole WAP session has been very productive and interactive. I, myself felt I could make my session more interactive and clear but nonetheless talking about my interest made me more confident and inspired me to go further in my project.

I really liked the diversity of topics presented and as a whole, it has been a very good learning experience for me, thanks to every participant in WAP

  • Whats your next step after this session?

I would like to take this learning and inspiration forward and continue my research on education in detail. Later, I would like to explore the possibility of being a social entrepreneur and start my own project to reform k-12 education in India focusing on scalable and practical curriculum for the future. Not only I would continue working on my project but also further explore my new interests in other topics presented by other participants and keep in mind some very good notes on gratitude and happiness.

Thanks to WAP for facilitating peer-to-peer learning and enriching the education experience of EMLyon students - I am glad to be part of it.

  • How can we make WAP more valuable for you?

I would suggest guidelines on how to design a session for those who require it. I wouldn't make it mandatory to make sure it wouldn’t turn into regular classroom experience.

Also, I found time restrictions limitative. I would rather prefer to continue the discussion if the whole group is interested in learning more on any particular topic.

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