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Rémi leads a session about "Wanna master your computer? Build your own!"

On 30th March, the association AStuce decides to lead the peer learning experience inside their team. After joining a WAP training to identify the various knowledge and interests inside the team, they join a WAP forum to learn from each other for 3 hours. Remi is one of the team member, and came up with a unique session that he calls "Wanna master your computer? Build your own!".

  • What was the programmation of the forum?

Each team member came up with a unique topic, he is very connected to.
Juliette: "Another way of thinking the European Union: shall we build the United States of Europe?"
Thimothée: "Congo, between two banks"
Sandrine: "La Nouvelle-Zélande: capturer l'insaisissable. La beauté en photo"
Joséphine: "L'écologie à l'échelle locale: le potager collaboratif"
Marine: "Food slave, discover the missing face of your plate"
Anaïs: "Women empowerement in french companies"
Me: "Wanna master your computer? Build your own!"

  • How did you find your topic?

I’ve always been interested in hardware.

Thanks to the new WAP preparation module, I could find easily my session’s topic which pleased me a lot.**

I just had to bring my desktop computer that I built myself and therefore know very well. I opened it and used it as a visual and touchable support for my session.

  • What were the feedbacks?

I was not sure if the other participants were going to be interested in my topic, as it is a bit technical, but they seemed focused on what I was saying. In fact, they really wanted to learn what I had to show them. After the sessions, they told me that the interaction was good and the topic was fine but they wanted more information and an opportunity to learn how to technically build a computer.
The other sessions were interesting as well. I really liked talking about the future of Europe, about photography and the culture of Congo.

I was surprised by some amazing things I learnt about these topics!**
  • What have you learnt about yourself?
I think I learnt something through this experience: I can be a better teacher than I thought.
  • What have you learnt about the other?
I knew the other participants but they revealed parts of their personality and some knowledge i haven't seen befiore.
  • What would be the next step?

I would like my next step to be a new session. It would give me an occasion to get to the details of my topic as I didn’t have the time to do so during my first session. Getting into details can become a great deal once you’ve introduced your subject.
I think it could be fine to give more time to do the sessions. Once the participants are interested, you can easily transform a 30-minute session into an one-hour one. This format would allow me to detail my session and to give lots of advice or skills to the other participants.

Discover the video of Remi opening the stomach of its computer

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