WAP - We Are Peers

Really helpful and inspiring program


After taking part in two sessions of WAP, I found that this program was really helpful and inspiring for me. To tell the truth, as a student majoring in French in my bachelor's degree, I rarely had the chance to speak in front of so many people in English. I was quite nervous at first.

Step by step, I found my own way to interact with people and I got the confidence to express myself. WAP just gives me the chance to challenge and explore myself.

On the other hand, I made friends and had great fun with other participants. We shared our different experience and learned from each other. The most unforgettable one is called the B corporation. This association gives certificates to companies which make profits and meet the standards of social and environmental performance, responsibility and transparency. Now, more than 2000 companies in 130 industries from more than 50 countries joined in b corp community. They have a same goal: do the best for the world and redefine success in business. In my opinion, these ideas are new and creative. Nowadays, it seems like that doing good for the society is only a job for charities or non-profit organizations. But B corps tells us that making money and protecting the environment can work together. This kind of business give us an opportunity to think about transformation and co-exsitence.

In short, learning from ours peers is an amazing experience since we can study something useful and meaningful more quickly in a more relaxing atmosphere.

We are not afraid of making mistakes or losing face. Moreover, as we are from the same generation and live in the same time period, we definitely share similar stories.

As a result, it is much easier for us to understand each other and learn from each other.


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