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Quentin shares about "Conflicts of interest in credit rating"

Time: Mar 25,2017
Place: Cafeteria, EMLYON Business School
WAPer: Quentin

  • What was your session about? What happened?

I chose “how can we minimize conflicts of interest in credit rating agencies?” as my topic. I structured the session in two parts: the first one where I explained what credit rating agencies were, how they worked and the problems that they had and the second part where I asked the participants to brainstorm ideas to tackle these problems. Since I’m doing my memoir on this topic, I already knew some of the solutions that they would put forward and I was able to animate de debate. However, one participant did come up with an idea that I hadn’t thought of.

  • Why did you choose this topic?

I chose this topic because it’s related to my memoir subject, and I felt that it was important to share the research that I was doing, while at the same time providing some level of technical content.

My participants participated actively, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, as may participants weren’t necessarily specialized in the banking sector and it introduced them to new concepts and problematics.

  • What was your favorite session at the forum?

Regarding other participant’s sessions, I particularly appreciated a session centering around understanding the Islamic faith and market, which was structured as a question and answer game, as it was very informative and well researched, and I felt that I learned things that I could re-use later on. It was also very interactive, which made the whole session very enjoyable.

  • How do you want the next WAP to be? What could be valuable for you?

I feel that WAP could be an opportunity to capitalize on some of the things that we do at EM Lyon.

all of us do internships and memoirs, but hardly anything is done to share and capitalize on those experiences

I also feel that WAP participants can be encouraged to provide more technical content.

We have more up to date information on the evolutions and challenges of many industries than most of what’s being taught.

The ideal thing would be for people interested in a particular topic to be able to form work-groups on the issue.

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