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peers helped me to make my analysis more relevant

On the picture, Pulkit is leading his session about “Global Happiness” at the WAP forum on 25th march 2017 in the cafeteria, at EMLYON Business School. He tells about her experience ...

  • Why have you chosen this topic? I have always been curious about the drivers of happiness and was looking forward to research a bit more on the causes of happiness for people from around the world. I got a reason to do so to prepare for my topic ‘Global happiness’ for my WAP session.

  • What happened during your session?

When I started my session by introducing the topic, people assumed it to be another generic session about happiness. But when I told them that happiness has a different definition for different people around the world, they started being curious. At the start of my session, I posed a question for other participants and asked them to say their answer out loud. The question was very simple- What makes you happy? There answers varied from physical well-being, material things to emotional well-being. Secondly, I talked a little bit about the ‘World happiness report’ published by United Nations, which assigns a rank to each country based on the levels of happiness of its citizens. The participants were astonished when they found out that the United Stated was not in the top 10 countries of the report and Bhutan measures its development based on ‘Global Happiness Index’ instead of ‘Gross Domestic Product’. I also told them my analysis of the different levels of happiness which were Basic needs, Esteemed needs and Emotional needs. Later with the help of all the participants, we analysed the ranks of each country on these levels.

  • What did your participants say?

Lastly, during feedback, people were happy with my choice of topic and applauded the analysis I had done.

Also, they helped my on how to make my analysis more relevant and different so it doesn’t appear generic

  • Which session did you like the most

There were a lot of sessions that I liked. Everyone’s topic was unique and I could feel everyone worked quite hard. But, the sessions that stood out for me were two. One was the one about psychedelic use and research. That was the most unique topic of the forum. I could see the amazement in most of the people when the guy started talking about this topic. I liked his way of presenting such unconventional topic where he was advocating of research on psychedelics.

The second session that I found interesting was the Chinese paper cutting art where we were supposed to do it with cutter and pictures. That was a very new thing for me and I liked trying it although I am very bad at arts and craft stuff. But it was a good change and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • What have you learnt?

Apart from the knowledge exchange, which was a very good introduction across very diverse topics, it was a good change to know the different mindset of people which were very different from mine.

Also, for the first time, I was very comfortable presenting my session because we all had good rapport with each other and felt good in each other’s company.

  • What's your next step?

The next step for me would be to do a little more research on my topic to find out other reason and to polish my knowledge on the topic work in the direction on my long-term goal. My idea is to set up an NGO that would aim at making people’s lives better by providing them basic human needs and education so that they can not only make their life better but also help the people around them.

  • What changes do you propose in WAP?

I propose a few changes which could be incorporated in the next WAP session. It is just my point of view and I could be wrong too. The time limit should be removed because some people wanted to take more time in their sessions but it had to be cut short due to the 30 min limit. Instead of the feedback given on post its, it should be a sort of discussion which would force everyone to think more and can keep their points. I won’t be here to attend the next session but I will make sure to attend any or all sessions when I come back next semester.

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