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WAP turns Buena Vista Park into a lab

Organised at Buena Vista Park, San Francisco (United States) the 27th June 2015, it was about "Conscious & Media & Bank Hacking".

As part of my creativity world tour, I organized the first On Top of Hills day in San Francisco. We were a peer group of 10 persons and each of us was prepared to lead a session about:

  • Something that makes you feel "waouh"!
  • Your talent and subject matter of the moment
  • Unreasonnable Ideas and Questions

Participants were ready to wake up at 9h00 AM the former morning of the Gay Pride for an event they had no idea about the issue: that is courage!:) It turned out to be a very special moment of sharing and discussions about how to hack - the reality, media and the bank.

I am gonna focus my article on three of the sessions.

How to turn the media at your advantage? By Colin

Colin has a very special talent in getting easily a couple million peoples in front of his stories.
He used PR to create FreeWheels, a bike charity, raised money, donners and volonteers. He got more than 150 articles in one month by managing a viral communication campaign about a cat facial-recognition technology company, called CatFi.

For him, media is also efficient for invalidating an idea. When he put online Crowdsolve, the idea of getting the cases of wrongly-incarcerated prisoners reviewed by thousands of helpful members. There were tousands of views but no converters. From this point, he knew he will move to his next startup idea.

Colin explained the successfull techniques he has used to hack the media.

  • Write newsworthy stories. For FreeWheel, he organized a bike tour + geotagging event to get the press interested.
  • Research about journalists who covered that space recently. Make a manual or technical reearch using se a pressfriendly.com to find the journalist who covers your subject of matter.
  • Press release is dead. Send short emails as short as possible in a concise format.
  • Decide the nature of the interviews. You have 3 ways of being interviewed. On the record means anything you said can be published. On background means your name won't be associated. After record means you are considerd as an anonymous source
  • Develop strategies to answer journalists. They are clever. They ask you what you don't wan't them to ask you. So Be crystal clear with the 3 points you wan't to emphasize on.

What is the nature of reality ? By Jazear

The session started with a philosophical exposition on being what we are, what exists from a conscious point of view. Jazear has always wanted to understand what the nature of reality really is. Because of that, he began exploring the field of physics. Because he couldn't get his answers, he approached two different systems of thinking that apprehend reality: reductionnism, and logic ...
Because he was not satisfied with the explanations, he started apprehending reality from the point of view of his mind? How does his minds operates on the things that we experience ? He explored two seperate schools of thoughts: neurosciences and bouddhism.
According to him, human race is turning into a singularity moment in history. Technology is merging with our bodies, becoming an extension of our own wills. One way to experience this, is through hypnosis. He brought us to listen to an audio recording of Nimja.

Nimja started hypnosis at the age of 16 after reading a youth scientific magazine, which contained a long article on hypnosis. This fascinated him. Knowing that language could do this to people. He already enjoyed reading and telling stories and was wondering how far it could be taken. Nimja Hypnosis Introduction Induction

Reading suggestions: The Ego Tunnel

How does the technology of bitcoin is hacking the bank? By Thomas

Thomas will teach us how to be your own bank with bitcoin and explain us how this technology can empower each citizen on a financial level.

On top of hills - San Francisco

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