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WAP offered me such an opportunity to listen peers’ experience which was fantastic

To be honest, when I first came to the WAP conference, I did not know what exactly it is. What can we learn from it? What should I share? But clearly I love sharing, so I decided to join this.

When coming without any preparation as required, we talked boundlessly. We bounced around our ideas with other teammates who have different cultural background, different personalities and different interests. It was wonderful.

As for my topic, it was fitness definitely, I have a fancy for fitness and I’d love to share my experience and feelings to others, to affect others starting fitness. Because through fitness, I learnt how to relief myself from study stress, I learnt how to make a plan about my diet, I also became more confident and
active. But as the old sayings, no pain no gain. The process is too difficult to stick at.

How to concrete such a big topic? My teammate, LI Jiaxin, gave me lots of suggestions. The most memorable and meaningful moment must be interactive activities, we designed a petite competition about one-minute plank. What made me surprised was that everyone had an overwhelming urge to act. The atmosphere became exciting. After that, I asked the participants’feelings, m ost of them told me they felt a bit of pain, of course. And Mano was so happy because she unbelievably held on 40 seconds! From this
interaction, I want to illustrate that never give up, and you can do it even if
keep one more minute.

WAP offered me such an opportunity to listen peers’ experience which was fantastic. For example, Mano is always confident and active, Lamyae is struggling for the states of women. Wondering taught us how to make a plan about career in the future. As for me, I could be more confident when having a speech. Even though I didn’t have the same experience, I still can learn a lot
from it.

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