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this WAP peer-to-peer way is 100% more effective than classical teaching

Milène shares about "Gratitude, the winning attitude"

Time: Mar 25,2017
Place: Cafeteria, EMLYON Business School
WAPer: Milène

  • Why did you choose this topic?

My topic was “Gratitude, the winning attitude”. The idea came to me during the first training session I attended about brain, psyche and human relationship. It’s a topic I am familiar with because it’s a concept I believe in and I try to practice every single day.

  • Which sessions did you like the most?

The session I liked the most was the one about intersectional feminism, by Anaïs Chavaroche. Her speech was very informative and gave us all the key concepts to understand her topic. She first introduced it by talking about her personal experience and classes about feminism she attended while on a student exchange in California. The storytelling was very good. Then we had a debate and everybody had very interesting points of view to share.

  • What have you learnt about yourself? About the others?

As a student, I never felt like learning much during classes, but on the contrary at WAP, I was learning so much more, so fast by sharing, debating and asking questions.

  • How do you feel with this way of learning?

I can now assert that, when it comes to my personal way of learning, this WAP peer-to-peer way is 100% more effective. I learned so much, so fast, compared to classical teaching.

  • What's your next step? How do you want the next WAP to be? What could be valuable for you?

Right now, I am working on an entrepreneurial project. I could grow it thanks to the people I met and who inspired me. So, I am not going to stop meeting new people and learning from them. I would like to attend another WAP forum, as a facilitator this time.

I like this way of working: small groups, topics and freedom to move from group to group and to choose the topics you want to learn about.

  • Milène Cardoso
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