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Jennifer: Maybe I will decide to be a WAP teacher

This is the second article written by our facilitator in October, Jennifer.

Why do you choose to become a facilitator?

After being a session leader, I decided to be a facilitator for numerous reasons. I find WAP session interactive and disruptive. It was a real surprise for me, especially because I am used to « normal » courses, with a teacher talking and the students more passive, receiving the knowledge while sitting and tapping on their computers. WAP courses permit to receive the knowledge in a more active way. Students are the actors in the exchange process. I wanted to invest myself as a link between students and the knowledge. I wanted to help them to know themselves better and to transmit their skills in a spontaneous and kind atmosphere.

What happened during your sessions?

In the first and second sessions the dynamic we created, my pair and I, helped the students to feel comfortable and encouraged them to understand the environment they were in was a « safe place ». We tried to make them understand they were able to talk, express themselves freely. In my opinion, feeling that way facilitated the optimization of their potential.

Their stories, their feelings and questions inspired me. They are from different countries, backgrounds. They have different points of view, and it was a wealth for the group but also each of us as individuals. I remember a good debate about gender construction or an activity about fitness.

How was the global experience of being a facilitator?

Being a facilitator is not an easy task. It was challenging to understand the structure of a WAP session and pilot or supervise the session. English was not our first language, so we had to make sure everyone understood what we were saying. It was also challenging to create a group dynamic. Also, the structure of a WAP session stimulates the interaction. Sometimes we had to be tough on time to prevent the individuals to act like spare electrons and in order to channel the group energy.

All the participants were happy and thrilled after the first and the second sessions. As a facilitator, I was really surprised by the enthusiasm of the group. We had good remarks and feedbacks. Participants enjoyed the experience. A lot of them wanted to be facilitators.

What is your next step?

Thanks to WAP, I want to transmit my skills with that kind of disruptive methods. Maybe I will decide to be a WAP teacher.

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