WAP - We Are Peers

I learnt abundantly from my peers


The WAP session is a very interesting and unforgettable experience I have since I have been in EMlyon. The session was a unique in the sense that all people from the group could talk freely to express their ideas and thoughts, and teach people something they know. Moreover, one thing I am personally fond of is the chance of elaborate upon our own knowledge and experiences, specifically, people do not know what they really know until they start to talk and share, WAP gave us the opportunity to really dig into what is in our mind and helped us to even further our know-how.

In the second session of WAP, each group leaders started to furtherly elaborate upon their voted ideas and thoughts while all the others could ask questions by showing cards, which was indeed a time when people could deeply understand and comprehend the ideas of orators. One session that impressed to the greatest extent was the event planning, where we played a game on the real event planning process, in which budget team, marketing, and supply group “fight” on the event budget. The whole process was really engaging when people started to really emerged into the environment; although in actual settings, people do not really fight on this issue, what was vital is we were all engaged and learned the simulated event planning and procedure. Besides the event planning session, the B-corp was also inspiring. The concept was fairly new, specifically, a B-corp refers to a category of company which aims to do social “charities” or social good, but simultaneously collect profits out of the business. Personally, it was really inspiring since this session has taught something I did not know but am in the meantime highly interested in---social good and profits, the whole new business model created an impression in my mind that a charity business can also gain win-win outcome on the business and profit side.

The second session of WAP has inspired me a lot. To my interest, I learned a business model I am pretty interested in and willing to conduct in the future, to my knowledge, I learned what a real event planning would be like, and to my humanity, I learned the importance of equal opportunity and diversity, I learned abundantly from others. In the next WAP, I expect a more diverse environment, such atmosphere usually creates a more distinct set of ideas which people could draw inspiration from.

Haokun WAN, participant EMLYON September 2017

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