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WAP program consist in enabling students to transfer their knowledge, insights, experiences, with each other, through a 6 steps design process and forums. The program can be led by students themselves, who become facilitators. WAP can be thematic, or not, plugged to courses, program, conferences according the number of participants and allocated time.

The Agenda of the WAP Forum looks like this

Our WAP Topic

One of her, Floriane shares her WAP experience with us.

My topic was “How innovation can serve productivity for a company?” I chose to answer the question by exploring the Ten Types of Innovation by Doblin. This great book shows that companies that integrate multiple types of innovation will develop offerings that are more difficult to copy and that generate higher returns. The Ten Types rapidly became a key tool for innovators everywhere, especially big consulting firms like Deloitte where I discovered this method as I was working in the innovation department. The participants were glad to learn about this method and asked me many questions about this subject. We concluded my session with a Ted Talk by Larry Keeley named «Flipping Adversity to Advantage».

I particularly enjoyed a session about self-confidence, power gesture and nonverbal communication. The speaker gave key facts and meaningful insights that were really helpful for us as students and next generation leaders. While listening to him, I tried to imagine what people feel when I am talking to them, especially at a professional level: am I in a powerful position? Am I self-confident? What my body reveal when I am speaking in public?

For my next steps, I would really enjoy being a facilitator. I already know the codes of being a facilitator as I lead some workshops for an innovative consulting firm. But with students, the challenge will change and will be far more difficult as they do not know these new ways of learning, share and collaborate. I think students choosing WAP course are open-minded and creative so I am sure they will enjoy it. It will be valuable for me in the way they will accept working like this, put my own content into the session, and interact with others. I hope my session will be as great as this one, with as inspired as we had!

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