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Last week, I was so honored to attend the WAP second session and to talk and learn freely with the whole participants.

During the session, our group has shared the topic of finding one’s profitable interest. We first shared the personal experience of designing and selling little products related to idols to earn money, and then asked the other participants to design a product by themselves to experience the joy of starting their own business. The participants did enjoy the process of designing their product’s logo by learning the new design app, however due to the time limit, they didn’t have much time in exploring the further selling points.

As for me, I liked the session of B-corporation, during which one team leader shared her knowledge about the module of B-corporation and her experience of working in one B-corporation.

To be honest, I have never heard of any information about the B-corporation before, however after hearing her presentation, I was so inspired by the business pattern of such company, which aims more at doing good things instead of earning money. I really want to put into practice such meaningful business model in my project of ICE class in order to create my own business with an aim of helping others. Therefore, I have already started to do research related to the B-corporation’s business model, and have shared such fresh idea with my team members of ICE class group.

I sincerely appreciate the chance of attending this activity.

WAP offers me a chance to share my knowledge and interest with others and to learn freely without limitation.

Through the session, I have learnt that organizing the time of an activity is also as important as designing the content of it, which I should pay more attention to in the future.

Besides, I found out that everyone’s experience, no matter professional or personal,contains something that worth learning from.

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