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As a new arrival in Emlyon, I know little things about all the communities. Occasionally, I’ve read an introduction about WAP and I was deeply inspired for their idea about learning different skills from all other members of the group. That’s how I begin my amazing journey, which is also my first experience like this.

During the first session, we met each other and introduce ourselves. The funniest part, I think, is the drawing part. We draw a picture of our partner and then, used it as our self-represent. On one hand, someone draw very beautiful; on the other hand, someone draw a picture which he can’t even recognize. After that, we also chose one of the four most attracted session leaders and became their participants to help them construct a programme that would show everybody what they want to share and make it interesting.

As a member participant in Sophie’s group, our project is to show people how to build an event, what should we do, and what difficulties we may meet. Our three members, Sophie, Ping Yue and me, reunite on Sunday morning, Starbucks in Bellecour. What we want to do is planning a mixer and let everyone be a member of different departments and solve all the possible challenges they might meet. As a newer, I’m not familiar with how the company prepare a mixer, but after they divide three departments, I’ve already known what they’re gonna do in various procedures. From that, I brought many idea to help Sophie make the whole mixer perfect. On Monday, we just did a very good job.

Everybody had fun and they also learned about the difficulties during the construction of an event.

What touched me most is that, both Sophie and Ping Yue were graduated from U.S. Universities, they speak English so fluently, sometimes I even can’t catch up.

But they are all patient and explain to me, that’s very thoughtful.

I’m also very grateful to choose the WAP family, meet all the members

And the most important thing is : i've learnt so many things I’m not familiar with.

TIAN Xin - Participant EMLYON 2017

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