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discovered i can be interesting talking about whats matter to me

Anais shares about "how to break the ceiling"

Time: Mar 25,2017
Place: Cafeteria, EMLYON Business School
WAPer: Anais

For my session, I chose the topic « how to break the glass ceiling », and chose to focus on trans-sectional feminism and how self-acceptance was a key issue in today’s feminism, especially for young girls. I made that choice because I thought it was an important issue to tackle, especially in France, where our conception of feminism remains very conventional and focused on the white heterosexual woman. I wanted to show that fighting for women’s rights and equality could actually marginalize other women, such as women of color. I also wanted to show that equality was far from being reached, that’s why we still have to take action.

I have learned how to present something I’m interested in, and how to engage my peers in a discussion. I've discovered I can be interesting, even talking about unconventional subjects.

I think the next step for me is to talk with the feminist group of EM Lyon and try to convince them to make my call to action happen. I think it would be interesting to go to a middle school, with a group of very diverse women, and talk to the girls, just that.

I think we could make an impact thanks to working with girls on little projects, especially on women have something in common with them. I would just hope to inspire them and so that they can once say “I persisted”, and should never be told less than.

I think it could be interesting to make it mandatory for freshmen. Indeed, it could be a good way to highlight common interests and form new groups, on subjects they both share. This could be a good way to get people to meet each other, which is always hard when they arrive in a new school.

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